Black Ohio Film Group

Introducing Black Ohio Film Group

We are so excited to introduce ourselves! We are Black Ohio Film Group. 

Our Mission:  To provide film resources and a community for Black filmmakers in Ohio to connect, collaborate, and inspire one another to create new, high-quality films that uplift and inspire our communities.

Our Vision: To increase films created by and for Black folks, uplifting the spectrum of the Black experience in film.

We want to talk more about our mission and vision. BOFG was created because there is an abundance of Black talent in Ohio (and the country), but there isn’t yet a way to connect us. We are in Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, Columbus – we’re everywhere! 

Founder, Sydnee Crews, had the privilege of working on the set of Blue Rebellion, a film by Cristyn Allen-Steward, and noticed the mostly Black crew. Being in the Columbus film scene, she thought she knew of most of the Black filmmakers – she was wrong.

She had a thought of having an all-Black film crew but didn’t know how to find them. Facebook groups are so saturated with posts and comments, calls for Black crew members go unnoticed (or are deleted). Thus, BOFG was created. It’s a way to connect and create with Black filmmakers.

BOFG hopes to have a space where Black filmmakers can learn, collaborate, and enjoy each other as we create films or shows that speak to us. 

Let’s get into what we offer:

  • Tiered memberships so you can get what you need
  • Courses curated by other filmmakers
  • Groups and forums to share best practices or collaborate on a project
  • Featured on our Connect page so that people looking to hire can find you
  • Networking events 
  • Workshops

We eventually hope to provide grants for our filmmakers and a physical place to hold special events, host table reads and crew meetings, and host screenings.

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Not a filmmaker but want to support? Bet! You can donate to BOFG operations or gift a membership.

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