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Share your vision

Here are some tools to help your film look its best. We’ve included some playlists to help spark visual ideas. We are constantly updating our resource list, so contact us if you have a resource that you think we should add.

Shot List

BOFG has created an easy to use shot list template to help keep you organized as you plan for production.

Camera Focus

Brent Dunham truly gives an ultimate guide to camera focus. There is a mix of text and video in this robust blog post.

On Directing Film

David Mamet breaks down everything from how to approach a script to how to work with actors and cinematographers.

Production Schedule

BOFG has created an easy to use production schedule template to help keep you on time during production.

The Shot List

StudioBinder breaks down everything you need to know about shot sizes, camera rigs, framing, etc. Watch the whole playlist to jumpstart.

Directing Actors 101

This is a four-part series by H8URS led by Thomas Barnes on the basics of directing actors.

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