Black Ohio Film Group


we're passionate about film

Black Ohio Film Group is a one-of-a-kind organization that exists to provide connections for Black filmmakers. We are unique because we focus completely and specifically on the Black film community in Ohio. Being Black in the midwest has its specific set of perks and challenges and we are working to amplify that experience. 

Our goals are to:

  • Make the film industry more accessible to Black filmmakers
  • Connect Black filmmakers to educational resources and Black creator groups 
  • Engage the community by showcasing local Black artists

Achieving our goals will mean there is better representation on screen and behind the scenes. BOFG plans to help change the film industry for the better by being the connector and amplifier for Black filmmakers and their films. 

Our stories are often told as if all Black people have the same experience – Black Ohio Film Group celebrates how diverse we are as a people.

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While BOFG’s primary focus is to provide Black filmmakers with connections, resources, and opportunities, we support those who intend to amplify all voices and stories that have been historically excluded.

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