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Write your story

Here are some tools to help you write that story you’ve put off or that one you’re stuck on. These are key tools for getting started and finishing. We are constantly updating our resource list, so if you have a resource that you think should be added, contact us.

Story Circle

Read this blog post from Storybinder on Dan Harmon's story circle.

Screenwriter's Bible

You'll want this for tips, tricks, and how-tos that will make your script stand out.

Final Draft

This will help you be able format your films properly and collaborate with others.

Character Development

Start building your characters by capturing their goals and distractions.

3 Act Structure

D4Darious breaks down the 3 act structure, and it's important to your writing in a quick, digestible way.

Mistakes Screenwriters make

In this Film Courage video, writer, instructor, and script consultant, Shannan E. Johnson, breaks it all the way down! She also has some dope resources, click below!

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